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the Royal North West Mounted Police (RNWMP) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).
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Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Gendarmerie royale du Canada
Breeches, etc.
Riding breeches are worn with the Review Order uniform and the high brown Strathcona boots.
Originally, riding breeches were quite snug to the leg, but in 1900, a fuller leg was authorized. A new style of breeches were adopted in 1913, which styled a large peg. As time passed, members were becoming confused on the proper fit of this garment, and officials were noticing that many members’ breeches did not look proper. In 1933, The Force developed a “fit chart”, and all ranks were instructed to conform to guidelines.

In 1956, the Force provided all members with one pair of summer weight, and one pair of winter weight breeches, instead of two heavyweight pairs. By 1959, the lightweights were discontinued. A handcuff pocket was added in August 1960.
Left, officer's trousers; right a Member on patrol wearing standard duty banana pants.
Below left, some female members trousers and a pair of issue gym shorts; below right, a pair of riding breeches with laced closures at the shin.
Strathcona High Brown boots, worn with Review Order, scarlet serge uniform.
RCMP issue, black wool knee socks for wear with the Strathcona High Brown boots.
RCMP issue, black Oxfords, (left) made by Hartt Canada
RCMP issue, officer's brown shoes (above) made by Biltrite Canada.
Officer's Congress boots, worn with mess dress, and undress order.
Breeches with buttons to secure suspenders.
Pair of riding breeches with eyelets on the calves to secure the material inside the boot.
Northern detachment Cold weather Mukluks
Since breeches were necessary for Members when riding, from the early years of the RCMP this part of the uniform played a key role. Yellow striping on pants had been in use since 1876 although a scarlet stripe had been briefly considered. Yellow is the standard military colour used by calvary troops.