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the RoyalNorth West Mounted Police (RNWMP) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).
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Royal Canadian
Mounted Police
royale du Canada
Vintage Photos
The RCMP has a proud history dating back to 1873 when The Force was known as the North West Mounted Police.
Physical fitness is a pre-requisite to being a Member.
Recruits are taught life saving techniques.
Equitation was a required skill for all recruits until the mid-1960s.
Upon completion of recruit training at Depot, graduates parade for the Commanding Officer and invited guests.
Recruits who graduate from Depot have earned the right to wear the scarlet tunic of The Force.
The following images are from a series of thirty-two photographs on the
Royal Canadian Mounted Police, prepared by the National Film Board of Canada.
The RCMP Air Division was inaugurated in 1937.
RCMP photographer records evidence at the scene of a crime.
RCMP Members on highway patrol duty, circa 1950s.
Two members at work in a detachment office, with a dial telephone and a pre-computer typewriter, circa 1950s.
Checking small craft for compliance with the Canada Shipping Act.
The member is issuing a citation to the couple in the aluminum boat for wearing long pants while recreationally boating.
An RCMP member wearing the regimental parka, with his dog team for far North patrols.
Snowmobiles replaced the dog teams for winter transportation.
The snow machine in this photo is a Bombardier, based on the Russian
snow-air boat with a propeller as an engine mounted on the rear. The machine had no braking mechanism and little interior room for storage.
An aircraft used for policing isolated northern communities.
The RCMP Musical Ride executing "The Dome".
The Ride was first established in 1887.
The RCMP Headquarters building in Ottawa, ON., circa 1955.
A 1897 detachment of North West Mounted Police attending Queen Victoria's Jubilee Celebrations in London.
The member on the left appears to be an officer, as is the member in the centre, wearing a Khaki tunic. Both have swords instead of rifles.
In the far North, a Member registers the birth of an Inuit baby.
The RCMP patrol an area of 3.5 million square miles. In this photo, a Member and his mount stand guard on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.
A new recruit is sworn in at the
engagement centre.
Supt. A.N. Eames, A/Cmr F.J. Mead
NS Detachment office,
circa 1952
Outside the detachment, circa 1938
At the Dorchester train station, circa 1938
Saddlers taking care of the equestrian leather saddles and reins for the Musical Ride horses.
Fingerprint technician examining a firearm for evidence.
HM Queen Elizabeth II being escorted by RCMP mounted members, as she leaves Parliament Hill after opening the 23rd session of the Canadian Parliament, October 1957.
A crime lab technician gathering evidence for a criminal case.
Two police service dogs with their master. Police service dogs were introduced to the RCMP in 1935.
Long hours were spent at Depot on drill - a skill that has since been replaced by firearm techniques and tactics.
RCMP members duties bring them in contact with Canadians from all walks of life, from coast to coast to coast.
The RCMP band was first organized in 1876.
A Graduating class from Ottawa, 1953, N Division at the Canadian Police College in Rockliffe, ON.
A graduating class (above) from a course at the Canadian Police College, located in Rockliffe Park, Ottawa. Most of the class are RCMP Members, as can be seen by their uniforms, but other police agencies made use of the College to train their staff in various crime fighting techniques.
Pictured in the centre, front row, is RCMP
Commissioner L.H. Nicholson, MBE; beside him is the federal Minister of Justice, The Hon. Stuart S. Garson. C/S/M H. Robertson is in the third row, extreme right hand side. All of the commissioned officers in the photo are wearing black armbands, required by Dress Regulations, as the country was still mourning the death of the King, George VI.
Detachment at New Glasgow NS, July 1937
Circa 1940's Nova Scotia ERT Team deploying new tactical weapon
Detachment at Cheticamp NS, July 1939
Sgt Major with pick-up truck circa 1940, Nova Scotia