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UN CIVilian POLice
Sgt. Mark C.W. Gallagher

RCMP Member Reg # 46470, Sgt Mark C.W. Gallagher (right) had just returned from a Christmas trip to his New Brunswick home during which he was conflicted by the poverty in Haiti in contrast with the luxury in Canada.

Sgt. Gallagher was in Port-au-Prince training police officers as part of the UN peacekeeping mission when the 2010 earthquake struck.
He died in the rubble of his apartment. His uniform jacket is pictured
Chief Supt Douglas Coates

Coates, who had been based at the RCMP's national headquarters in Ottawa, had been the acting commissioner for the United Nations stabilization mission in Haiti. He was also the highest ranking RCMP officer in Haiti.

Chief Supt. Coates (
left), was killed when the United Nations headquarters building in Port-au-Prince collapsed in the 2010 earthquake.
RCMP Sergeant with 7 Service Stars on his left sleeve,
indicating more than 35 years of service.
Seen here carrying the UN flag
and wearing the blue UN beret with metal badge.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Gendarmerie royale du Canada
Traditional flash worn on the left shoulder of Member's tunics while serving with Civilian Police detachments in foreign countries.
UN vest with cravat and white UN armband. This is the uniform (left) of a commissioned officer serving with a CIVPOL detachment.

Examples of brassards (
below) worn by Members
in the field on CIVPOL duty with the UN,
and working with the EU.
This badge (left) is the pocket badge from UNTAG - United Nations Transition Assistance Group, Namibia. It is approximately 50 mm X 55 mm in dimension and the front of the badge is sealed in acrylic. It was worn on the left pocket of serving Member's shirt and is attached to a pocket fob by three pins with butterfly clasps on the reverse of the badge.
The pocket badges (below) were worn by RCMP members who served in the Balkans with approximately 860 Canadian Forces personnel in the spring of 1992 as Operation HARMONY. For three years, from the fall of 1992 to the fall of 1995 there were approximately 1,600 Canadians in the Balkans at any one time, as part of UNPROFOR, the United Nations Peace Forces Headquarters (UNPF-HQ) and (briefly) UNCRO.
UN CIVPOL RCMP head gear; the UN blue beret with metal UN badge attached (left) and the baseball cap with embroidered UN crest (middle). European Union Police beret (right).
Namibia, 1989-90
Yugoslavia Croatia, 1992-93
Haiti, 1994-95
Staff Sergeant
Chief Superintendent